NINA start up for installation v-sat

This year the German-Italian company Telemar will install FleetXpress communication equipment on board all 104 staffed units. In preparation, a NINA Start-up was organized, including the technicians.

The idea for the NINA session came from Edgar van Oers (Fleet Manager): “I wanted to have a clear view of the mutual expectations, because we share responsibility. The Telemar technicians will be on board for one or two days. What do they need to work safely? In short: I wanted to start a conversation.” For Telemar it was the first time ever to have such a meeting before the actual work starts, says Technical Manager Wolf-Peter Kirsten: “Usually we go on board without knowing anything about a company’s safety culture. Now, we learned Boskalis’ values and rules beforehand and we could share our point of view.

It turned out we were not that far apart. Our technicians are always guests; now that they participated in this NINA session, it’s easier for them to speak up when they encounter an unsafe situation. That is a great plus: we now know that the entire organization is committed to NINA.” Looking back, Edgar is satisfied with the result: “The Start-up session turned out to be unifying. We have identified common goals and made some good arrangements. For instance: all units will be informed timely when Telemar is coming on board, so they can organize a short NINA session to go through the details.”

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