NINA on the road

Our collegues in Mexico found a very dangerous situation when they started working on a dredgingproject in the Port of Altamira. When preparing the sandfill area they discovered that the nine meters high slope along the access road was in a very bad condition.

“It looked as if it could collapse completelyany minute”, says project manager Adan Olvera. “Given the fact that during the project each day at least 100 double truck transports would drive along this road we decided it was not safe to accept this situation.” Adan got into contact with the Altamira Port Security Officer who was willing to come and take a look. It turned out that the slope was part of an archeological site, so it was not possible to dig and eliminate the risk completely. That is why another solution had to be chosen: avoid the danger by rerouting the traffic. A temporary road was made and signs were put down to lead the traffic in the good direction.

Adan: “Our actions caused synergy: a company working at another project kept the temporary road in good condition with a motor grader. This way we could guarantee all truck drivers a safe passage.”

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