NINA on board

The power of the NINA workshops held on board all vessels lies in the fact that you get to know NINA in your own environment. SMIT International Scotland Ltd. (SISL) experienced it first-hand.

The organization runs two long-term contracts involving twenty workboats across eight locations in the UK. In small workshops the NINA Values and Rules were introduced to the masters, mates, engineers and ratings on board the vessels. Contract managers and superintendents also attended the sessions. The attendees were asked to explain how they felt the values could be used in the daily work on board. At the end, they filled out a NINA Goals Poster and received a certificate of attendance.

One of the trainers was SHE-Q Superintendent Tristan Pearce: “We all felt that spending time discussing NINA, and sharing ideas on how to apply the Values and Rules, generally helps maintain a positive safety culture on board.
Attendees especially responded well to understanding that management was involved as part of the same safety training, and the fact that the NINA Values and Rules apply to everyone at Boskalis, not just the crew or operators."

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