NINA on board Rockpiper

Last year, the brand-new rock-dumping vessel Rockpiper departed with an all-new crew for the Norwegian waterways to be put to work for Statoil. It was the job of Captain Maarten Prijt and his colleagues to form a new team.

One year later, the mission has been accomplished: all parties are satisfied with the results and Statoil has extended the framework contract by three years.

“We work well with Statoil”, says Maarten Prijt, who attributes the solid partnership partly to the fact that both companies have the same values, which became clear in the joint NINA start-up meeting. “‘Open communication’ is a key priority for them, too. They are constructive and truly care about the well-being of our staff. We were really focused on the implementation, but Statoil literally said, ‘Don’t forget about the time outside of work. Take care of your staff.’” SHE-Q manager Offshore Allard Leertouwer agrees that there is mutual trust, respect and interest: “We were invited by Statoil’s senior management to come talk about NINA, which taught us a lot about their views on safety.
When he considers the Rockpiper crewmembers, Maarten Prijt feels that safety awareness is second nature to hem. “Because we started out as a new team, we didn’t have any routines. When we build a down pipe, we fill out a JHA: what are the risks and how should we approach the job? What strikes me is everyone’s willingness to figure all of that out - together. I think that’s the strong point of NINA.”
At the beginning of this year, a NINA refresher workshop was held. The new priorities are ‘sharing’ and ‘interaction’, for instance through ‘management visits’. “It was an eye-opener for me that crewmembers feel it is so important”, says Christian Veraart, manager Subsea Rock-installation. “So thanks to NINA, I am very personally involved in safety on board. It’s very motivating!”

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