NINA meets Maersk

In the North Sea, Boskalis Offshore is involved in the maintenance of a Maersk Oil production platform. The employees of the companies receive a combined NINA safety training course.

Operations Manager Dennis Stolk said, “Maersk is pleased that we are going that extra mile with NINA,” while Maersk HSEQ manager Kenneth Dielemans commented, “We have complete faith in the NINA program.”

Deputy Contract Manager Thijs van der Jagt related one of his NINA experiences: “When a Maersk supply vessel requested access to the platform, it had already entered the 500-meter safety zone around the platform. With the vessel so close to the DSV Constructor, the divers were placed at unnecessary risk. When we reported the situation, Maersk ordered the supply vessels to request access at an earlier stage in future, so that the divers could be called back on board the DSV on time.”

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