NINA makes her entrance at Salvage

We are working hard to introduce the NINA philosophy at SMIT Salvage. All employees will receive NINA training consistent with the nature and activities of the organization.

With every training session consisting of a mix of participants from various jobs and all branches worldwide, there is a great deal of focus on mutual understanding between colleagues and for the value of NINA for the SMIT Salvage organization in light of the newly defined strategy. The first training session took place in the Netherlands in early September and this will be followed by a training session in Singapore scheduled in October. We will continue until everybody has been trained.

Enthusiasm and skepticism
Experience shows that NINA is received enthusiastically, with a healthy dose of skepticism, similar to the introduction of NINA at Boskalis five years ago. Projects now focus actively on NINA; the first NINA Workbox Hands sessions were held on the Baltic Ace project and the Rumailah Project. The first NINA start-up meeting has also taken place at the start of a project.

For senior management this is an occasion to look back on the first half year of NINA. They have planned a NINA reflection session in December, with topics like: ‘What kinds of developments have we experienced?’ and ‘What dilemmas did we face?’. The lessons learned will be shared and translated into new/modified objectives.

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