NINA greetings from Port la Nouvelle!

SHE-Q Engineer Caroline Kannwischer came up with a brilliantly simple idea to connect people: she designed an old-fashioned postcard to celebrate 10 years NINA.

Caroline is in her mobile office – that is her car – to talk in a Teams meeting about her initiative. “As part of our 10 years NINA anniversary we decided to do the NINA E-learning as group sessions, within the different vessel bubbles. But then I thought: we have a party but what is the treat? Where is the cake?” She laughs. “We give people a 10 years pen, but why not give them a postcard to write on as well?”

Having a background as a Drilling Engineer and having worked in the field on- and offshore, Caroline always has been interested in safety and is grateful for the backing of those at home. “For the anniversary of NINA we wanted to show our appreciation to our family and friends that support us. Especially during COVID, people have valued every little bit of in-person interaction. Also: everyone always gets big eyes when they receive a (hand written) letter or card. It means that someone thought about you and actually made the effort to get pen and paper and write you a little note.”

To get safety in the person
Caroline designed the postcards herself, with a nice picture of the work on the front and, of course, NINA on the back. “I wanted to use the opportunity to bring NINA home to families and friends as I always strive to get safety engrained into the person and not just the job. If we manage for people to take on a few safe habits also at home, away from supervision, and even to share their safety learnings with their loved ones – that’s just awesome.”

From Spain to Togo
People were enthusiastic about the initiative, Caroline says: “Some were straight away asking for more cards.” For some of the younger guys it turned out to be their first ‘old-fashioned’ postcard ever. To make things really easy people could put their written cards in the SHOC box, after which Caroline put a stamp on them and sent them off. She saw addresses from all around the globe: “From Spain to Togo and everything in between.” To close the circle Caroline asked people to share pictures of their loved ones with the cards. She will make a follow-up poster with them, showing who this project touched onsite and offsite, directly or indirectly.

NINA is all about connecting people. What good initiatives are there on your project or vessel?

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