NINA goes in the tank

Master Wilbert Dunki Jacobs organized a serious injury drill in an enclosed space on the Colbart.

Problem 1: how do you get in the tank with breathing apparat us on your back?
“In the H2S training you wear breathing apparatus for a while. It's as simple as that. We just had to get through the manhole. It turned out there was only one way to get through. Practice makes perfect!”

Problem 2: How do you get an injured person out of the tank?
“The manholes are on the side of our tanks. That proved to be a difficult maneuver because only one of the stretchers we had on board would fit through - and even then, only if we turned it 90 degrees!”

“I've been working here since 1995 and this is the first time that I myself have been in the tank wearing breathing apparatus. That just shows you what NINA can do! The drill gave me confidence in our own abilities. It is reassuring for the crew to know that their colleagues can get them out if they have to. So I call on all colleagues to do this as well. We learned important lessons.”

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