NINA gives the green light to dumpers

Boskalis BV has developed a new system to prevent trucks from becoming overloaded. Three lights are installed on the side of the dumper, which are connected to the truck’s weighing device. Once the cargo is loaded, the green lights go on and as the loader approaches the critical weight, the lights turn orange. That’s when it’s time to stop loading. And when the lights turn red, then you know the dumper is overloaded!

“The idea for a system for monitoring cargo weights came about after a NINA session," says Stefan Kolijn, Technical Department Inspector.
“Overloading is a well-known problem and from the standpoint of NINA, it really cannot be considered acceptable any longer. So John Prins (Breijs works manager) and I put our heads together to find a practical solution to enable drivers and loaders to quickly assess the weight of their cargo. We discussed it with the dealer and together we worked
out the idea for the lights. A software package was also developed that was compatible with the existing weighing device. The system has since been installed in two trailers. It represents a major improvement, both for Boskalis and for the driver responsible for the cargo, particularly at locations where no weighing device or truck scale is available.”

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