NINA during drydock periods

Eugene Van Dodeweerd, Director Fleet Management Offshore: “In our daily work we are confronted with circumstances whereby differences in culture, understanding and interpretation impact safe working and the associated dilemmas we all know. During dry-docking and repair periods, these differences in interpretations are realized for our project managers, superintendents and crew."

"On many occasions, plans are not followed, safe practices are under pressure, and yard labour don’t always follow their commitments. I have experienced that an integral approach to safety by vessel and yard management, instigated through the entire project management and crew, brings good results. During newbuild of the Dockwise White Marlin, we engaged the labour force directly and implemented a monthly safety award for the safest employee. Furthermore, the entire site team and senior management were ‘speaking the same language’ and unsafe practices were challenged on occurrence. This open and changing culture resulted in significant improvements, and led to a LTI free project.

We need to keep promoting the importance of NINA and to follow it through – providing adequate resources to monitor unsafe practices, and to stop work more often to underline our commitment. Take away the difficulty of SPEAKING UP is the only way we can improve.”

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