NINA DO-IT training

A NINA DO-IT training was given on board the Taklift 6 for all 15 crew members and eight colleagues from the Union Sapphire.

After all the work was halted, the NINA Values and Rules were explained, along with what that means for everyone personally: taking responsibility for your own safety and that of your colleagues.

Captain Theo Koster: “In our team, we already accost each other about safety. But I noticed that everyone found it interesting to talk about safety in this way. I think it is important to strive for openness. Employees with an Asian background in particular are reticent when it comes to speaking out about things. That is where NINA can definitely provide a contribution.”

The training was given in English. But: “Not everyone on board speaks English. We did ensure that it was translated as we went along, but then does everything come across? This situation also occurs in the daily work. That is why we advocate that everyone learns English.” Personally, Theo expects mainly more action from NINA. “Our ship was built in 1974. There are various adjustments necessary in order to have it meet the current safety standards. I hope and expect that this will be open to discussion due to NINA and get the follow-up that is required.”

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