NINA conquers Finland per T-shirt

At the implementation of NINA, Finland formed a safety committee consisting of employees from various layers of the organization. Amongst other things, this safety committee will discuss, assess and implement new initiatives that are being introduced.

In our organization Terramare in Finland, they found a special way of motivating employees to report unsafe situations and submit good safety ideas. Anyone who submits his first Safety Hazard Observation Card (SHOC), will be rewarded with an exclusive NINA T-shirt.

Working with SHOC cards was an important safety objective in 2010 and is increasingly adopted. “We used the introduction of NINA in Finland to promote the submission of SHOC cards, so that we get more ideas from the work floor in order to improve safety,” says Eetu Pajala from Terramare Oy in Helsinki. “We know that people always enjoy getting T-shirts from projects they are working on. Very often, these T-shirts are still in demand years after the project has been finished.”

Beautiful quality shirts have been made, grey with the name Terramare in large letters and a prominent NINA logo above it. Eetu Pajala: “We expect that it will not take long before friends and colleagues will ask what this NINA on your back exactly stands for. In this way we will make people think and talk about safety, which is exactly what we aim to achieve.”

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