NINA comes to Guyana: Successful dry-docking Atlantico

Captain James Vermeeren from the Atlantico never really thought highly of “all that safety malarkey”.

But he thinks NINA is different. “The initial implementation of NINA took place when the Atlantico was dry-docked. Everyone was enthusiastic even after a couple of days. Because what can you see? The boys are carrying out JHAs and toolbox meetings on how they can tackle a task. Moreover they spend only half the time on it. Things go faster and much, much, much safer, then.” First mate Bobb Aaron confirms this: “Running through a task step by step is worth it: at the end of the day the work gets done accident-free.”

Something for the long term
“Thinking about risks and solutions themselves is a cultural change for Guyana”,
explains Project Manager Eric Waumans. “That’s why we talked about the Values a lot.
The successful dry-docking - without accidents - shows that it works.” This can partly be attributed to the good communication and cooperation with the shipyard, says TD Inspector Jan Koppenaal. “They gave us their full support.” For James Vermeeren and his crew NINA is something for the long term. “A gearbox had to be lifted. We were use to screaming with the seven of us on a square metre, but now they come to me saying: ‘how are we going to approach this?’. In short, everything’s going great!”

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