NINA Blog: We are a learning organization

“What do you do when a test facility is invaded by a group of photographers looking for the best photo of the pipeline being tested at 32 bar? Or when a manufacturer carries out such a test using uncertified hoisting equipment? These are matters which I and our Quality Inspector have to deal with when I visit suppliers.

The last time I was in China I talked about the issues that are important to us, namely quality, delivery time, price and safe working conditions. Some suppliers responded with surprise, as the majority has very little safety awareness. Nevertheless the message that NINA means caring for each other is starting to hit home and on the following occasion lifting work was carried out using proper hoisting equipment, and the testing area was properly cordoned off.

The pipeline being tested in China is intended for the converted Taurus, which will generate much greater pressure thanks to a fourth delivery pump. Our regular pipelines are not suitable for this purpose. For that reason we organized meetings with the Operations Office, Fleet Development, Maritime Dynamics Department and Procurement Department to design a new concept. We then developed this together with our suppliers into a high-quality and safe product. Similarly, we are now looking for a way to connect pipelines without people actually being involved. We are a learning organization and by consulting each other we can bring safety to a higher level. Since NINA has been involved we have done this more deliberately than ever before.”

By: Nicole van Vliet, Fleet Manager

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