NINA Blog: Teamwork

"In the first month of my employment, I sailed for a few days aboard the DSV Constructor. A whole new world opened up for me there with regard to the intense collaboration in a diving team."

If there is a textbook example of perfect NINA behavior somewhere, it is here: divers take responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues. They know that their lives are literally in each other's hands. This attitude extends beyond only the diving team. The ship has to remain properly in place and all the machines and the equipment must continue to work, which requires good maintenance before starting the job and on the job, the work assignment must be clear and well prepared, the communication systems have to be good, as well as the catering. In short: teamwork, with understanding and respect for each other's role and task.

I have spoken to people from all disciplines on how they view their work and safety on the Constructor. This gives insight into the choices that they make and the wishes they have, and because I now have a better understanding of what their work entails, I have a better understanding of how I - in my position - can help them work more safely. One thing I know for sure: they will not get me under water, but I will do everything within my power to get the divers who do safely back above water after finishing a job.

By: Jurgina Feith, Global Assets & Operations Manager BOSS

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