NINA blog: Shiny Safety Shoes and Helmets

Each month, a colleague reports on his NINA activities. This time, we hear from
accountant Felmar Nieves.

“HELP! Someone just fell off the breakwater!” After this cry for help, all communication lines immediately ran hot at the worksite.

The Project Manager was called, the SHE-Q Officer, the Medical Clinic and the Port Authority. In the meantime, back at the site of the incident, someone had thrown a safety buoy to the victim to help him swim back to the beach. Less than ten minutes later we heard the sirens of the port police and the ambulance service. On the beach the medical team were attending to the victim, performing cardiac massage and attempting to revive him. By now, the victim was wrapped in a life blanket and four of our colleagues helped the ambulance crew carry the victim into the ambulance.

This scene took place at our site in Pointe Noire in the Republic of Congo. It is not a description of an actual accident, but of a sea rescue/survival drill we organized for our second NINA Awareness Day. To me, it shows how we educate and equip employees to anticipate the worst-case scenario and be ready just in case. The drill ended with a discussion about lessons learned. Everybody was involved, as part of the exercise or as an observer. Everybody included me. And even though I am one of the so-called ‘shiny safety shoes and helmets’ - the employees who spend most
of their time sitting in an office - I am proud to be part of NINA activities. NINA is for everybody!

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