NINA Blog: Sharing knowledge across Boskalis

In the last blog, Jan van der Kwast, Captain of the Taurus, asked how we can maintain the NINA standard in daily practice. "Do we need NINA agents or are there other ways?" Hans Been, Project Manager in Morocco responds.

While a ship is a confined space with a fixed crew and routines, small and short-term projects have a disproportionately high number of staff from outside the Boskalis ranks. As a result, implementing NINA from the outset to the same standard as on board Boskalis’ units is not feasible; it takes time and effort.

In our project, too, the fleet is ahead of the onshore organization, which therefore receives the most attention, meaning the fleet barely gets any new impulses regarding NINA. We have to make do with what we have. And who should provide these impulses? While local SHE-Q people have the right theoretical background, they may lack practical experience and are less familiar with our administration systems. They need the captain's assistance in order to be able to prepare a toolbox. So you end up in a vicious circle.

NINA agents – or preferably NINA facilitators – could be a solution. One condition would be that they are specially trained for this purpose from a pool of Boskalis NINA personnel. This would prevent specific project knowledge and experience from seeping away, as it can be generated internally and shared across Boskalis. Such an extra impulse encourages everyone to work together – after all, that is the key – to create a safer work environment.

The NINA team will present this suggestion to Mark Sturrus, SHE-Q Coordinator.

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