NINA Blog: Safety discussions illustrate we are changing

Each month, a colleague reports on his/her NINA activities. This month we hear from Andreas Jeron, SHE-Q Senior Manager Boskalis Hirdes.

In today's world a high level of performance is expected from all of us. Technologies and methods are more complex and work is carried out by fewer personnel. The complexity of projects contains an increased risk potential. Safety has therefore become increasingly important. Nowadays we have to deal with a variety of worldwide
safety regulations, both (inter)national, from clients and our very own.

However: following safety regulations without safety awareness is like looking left and right before crossing a street without knowing why. With the introduction of NINA, safety awareness has improved significantly. NINA allows all employees to participate actively in the work of safety in all areas. When I carried out a NINA Kick-Off-Meeting on the Shoalway, the crew discussed for example how to solve situations where international regulations differ from Boskalis guidelines. These discussions illustrate the change we are going through. We all feel responsible.

This enables us to detect hazards faster, to implement countermeasures, check their effectiveness and make sure everyone understands the entire process.

This new approach delivers results. The LTIF in Boskalis Hirdes dropped from 1.55 (5 events in 2010) to 0.18 (1 event in 2012). Given the fact that the proportion of hours worked has increased, we are very proud of this statistic. I think NINA is becoming an integral part of the social culture of Boskalis. Only together we are strong enough for all future duties and responsibilities.

In the next edition: Neil Martin (SHE-Q Manager UK)

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