NINA Blog: Promoting and providing incentives for NINA

In response to a question from Jan van der Kwast about how we uphold NINA standards in practice, Hans Been suggested appointing NINA facilitators from our own NINA personnel pool. Mark Sturrus, SHE-Q coordinator, comments.

There are some 25 people in our department who can facilitate and manage SHE-Q. But is that enough support for all of the projects? In fact, it isn't. The demand for SHE-Q staff is ever-increasing, and includes special requirements such as local specialist knowledge. Unfortunately, we cannot always meet that demand, which is why we work with external agencies. Believe me, it's a real challenge to teach people the key aspects of NINA in a short period of time. That's when you realize that we are really ahead of the game with NINA.

I know what Hans means when he says that you quickly forget new things you learn, but I don't have a ready-made solution. I think it's wonderful that both bloggers feel so committed to NINA because they really care about its advancement. That kind of dedication is critical to NINA's success. Sharing the knowledge with a large group of people is key, regardless of who takes responsibility for what to continue promoting NINA.

So how do we promote NINA in relatively ‘new’ business units, where the first steps on the road to implementing NINA must still be taken? How do our colleagues in those business units feel about the incentives to implement NINA?

The NINA team asked Paul Cottrell (Boskalis Offshore Subsea Services Middle East) this very question.

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