NINA Blog: NINA is an extra jacket that embraces the procedures

"Apart from steel, I think NINA is the best investment you can make in terms of safety. Isn't it good to know that management truly wants you to make it home safely at the end of the day?

I recently stopped work on a project. The time pressure meant that our people had to work from six in the morning to eleven at night, but I thought that was irresponsible. NINA makes it easier to make decisions like that. And it's a boost when you receive positive feedback, both internally and from the customer.

My job includes customer visits and responsibility for the department, so I am in contact with people a lot. NINA provides me with a tool with which I can demonstrate that we call each other to account regarding our responsibilities and that we look out for each other. Isn't that great? NINA shows that our safety doesn't stop with the rules in the books. That is just the beginning. That idea is very attractive to customers. NINA is, as it were, an extra jacket that embraces the procedures. That is what I try to pass on. For some of our divers, who like to wait to see which way the wind blows, it takes time to adjust. But as concise as NINA is - just five values and rules -, it has a huge reach. So I say, put on that jacket, it really is a lot warmer."

By: Max Schellenbach, Civil Inshore Manager

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