NINA Blog: How do we keep up the pace?

Each month, a colleague reports on his/her NINA activities. This month we hear from Jan van der Kwast, Captain of the Taurus.

How are things going with NINA? Some things we do automatically and have become apart of life: we wear our PPE, talk about dangerous incidents, and now we complain to each other - without noticing - if a design isn't user-friendly.

But what happens if there is little time for NINA outside the ship? If there isn't much focus on NINA from the office either? Or if the enthusiasm is limited because of local circumstances? How do you maintain standards then? Fortunately, NINA gives us enough resources, such as the prestart meetings, to discuss the subject freely. This keeps the NINA feeling alive on our vessel as well. In order to make this point to the outside world, I'm asking the local SHE-Q department to organize the toolbox meetings.

But all the same... You can try to keep up a high NINA standard on board, but this still needs to be encouraged by the outside world. Otherwise it really doesn't amount to anything across the board.
How can we prevent that from happening?
Do we need ‘NINA agents’ or are there other solutions?

The NINA team was pleased to put this good question (and a familiar one to many) to project manager H.H.G. Been. You can read what he had to say in the next NINA blog.

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