NINA Blog: Health care(s) in Vietnam

“After a 24-hour journey, with two planes and a four-hour car ride on a Swiss-cheese road, I arrived this year at our very remote project location in Nghi Son, Vietnam. Ready for a new challenge, both in terms of work and in terms of working conditions."

"Because how can you organize health care if the closest first aid post is an hour's drive and the first good quality clinic is at least another 3 hours away? In the end we entered into an agreement with International SOS (I-SOS). We set up a clinic on site that is staffed 24/7 by skilled doctors who receive support from the regional I-SOS Repatriation centers. We also purchased our own ambulance, because the village in which we are staying doesn't have one. Our doctors have already organized two repatriation missions and supported the customer during an emergency operation in the port. This pro-active management to organize the safety situation effectively saved me from many a sleepless night. It feels good that we can offer the best possible care imaginable in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong.”

By Frans Thomassen, Project Manager

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