NINA Blog: Good job!

Each month, a colleague reports on his/her NINA activities. This month we hear from Harke Rutgers, Project Engineer Boskalis Offshore.

On the Nordeste Project in Brazil, our customer Petrobas sets great store by the health and safety regulations. The local safety inspectors are very strict on compliance. For example, the operator of the elevated excavator (which can manoeuvre both on land and in water) must wear a seat belt.
That's a great rule. But should it always be the case? In line with the NINA philosophy, we encourage individuals to think about safety in general and their safety in particular. In consultation with the safety inspectors, the decision was therefore taken that it is safer for the operator not to wear the seat belt when working in water.

We have also introduced a system to give positive feedback. The emphasis is often on monitoring and compliance and feedback is mainly given if there is a problem. But positive feedback is just as important. Our customer agrees: together we developed the 'Safety Appreciation Letter', which we use to thank someone for their efforts to create a safer working environment. For example, we gave such a letter to an operator who really puts a lot of effort into explaining what he does to the safety inspectors and who asks for clarification if something isn't clear.

As far as I'm concerned, there should be an even greater spotlight on this kind of positive feedback, because it can only improve the levels of safety and synergy with our valuable customers!

In the next edition of the NINA blog: Robert Landsborough (Rockfall Project Manager).

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