NINA Blog: from brainwave to human hands

“As a member of MDD, I am involved in projects where movement and forces of the sea play a role. I want to help ensure that we, as Boskalis, remain at the forefront. That means that we must find answers to new challenges. In doing so, we sometimes look on the edges of the technically possible: where are the opportunities?

Searching at the boundaries of safety is also where danger lurks. While I also used to think about the safety of a design, I am now more conscious that everything that we think of will ultimately be implemented by colleagues. I now always ask myself the question: is this safe? Would I be comfortable letting my brother do this?

That is NINA’s influence. But there is more. Because since NINA, we begin our search for technical solutions not only from a ‘market-driven’ viewpoint, but also from a safety viewpoint. In this manner, we are looking for ways to mechanize the linking of floating pipes. A model of a possible solution is in my office. It is a beginning; there are alternatives for which we want to weigh the pros and cons. And we need each other for that: the analysts, the designers and the people in the field. That interaction reflects the NINA values for me. When you ask me if a method is safe, then I must be open to your insights. Also if they interfere with my ideas. If I am not open for your feedback, am I then worthy of being your colleague?”

Model floating pipelines






Model of mechanical link for floating pipelines

By: Gertjan Grundlehner, Head of Maritime Dynamics Department

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