NINA Blog: Don't forget 3rd parties!

Each month, a colleague reports on his/her NINA activities. This month we hear from Jaap Verdoorn, project manager.

In Sweden, we work with Eurobarges and a pusher owned by a third party. When I paid a visit on board, I saw several things occur during the coupling and decoupling processes that were not completely 'NINA-proof' For instance, the equipment for moving between units was not completely adequate and once the two units were connected, suddenly the jumper was running down the middle of the gangway about ten centimeters above the deck. It's no wonder the crew kept looking down at the deck: there was a real risk of tripping!

When I brought it up, the crew said, 'We always do it like that'. Then you're faced with the dilemma of how to change people's minds. One thing I noticed is that the crew did not seem to make the connection with safety in any of their routines. Once I explained that with a few simple precautions, their jobs would be much safer, they were more than happy to take my advice. It was a real eye-opener for them.

An extra staircase was added for switching units and an additional cable pulley was installed that kept the jumper to the side of the gangway.

It wasn't that expensive to create a safer working area. In other words, keep NINA in mind, also with third parties. Remember their crews and vessels, as they're involved in the same project team!

Next time in the NINA blog: Jan van der Kwast, captain of the Taurus.

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