NINA Awareness Day. A great success

In Congo, the project regularly organises a NINA Awareness Day, which combines a practical emergency drill with a meeting for everyone working on the project.

"Our key aim is to educate people," explains SHE-Q Coordinator Marcellus Nfah Ndoh. "They are often unaware of the risks involved, because dredging and maritime engineering and breakwater construction are unusual activities here." The department's other main aim with this event is to improve communication: "Our project is spread across a large area, so not everyone always knows everyone else."
Rescue at sea
Earlier this year a NINA Awareness Day was held on the subject of "rescue at sea". It turned out to be an extremely useful exercise, as Marcellus explains. "When a couple of weeks later someone really did end up in the water, he knew what he had to do: take off his shoes and remain calm. That incident ended well because we were able to save the man in question. Everyone knew what to do and who to warn, which was definitely helped by the drill."

Project Manager Jeroen de Reus: "Everyone is enthusiastic, including the customer, and the harbour authorities who participated in the exercise. The NINA Awareness Days provide a boost to safety awareness and the feeling of belonging: one family, one goal."

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