NINA at Work special edition - NINA goes offshore

On May 22, Frank Verhoeven, Offshore Group Director, kicked-off 'NINA goes Offshore' in Papendrecht. The launch of NINA at all levels of the division represents a key step towards a single shared identity.

Before an audience of 150 Offshore office employees, Frank Verhoeven shared how he learned the meaning of working safely as a young boy on his father's ship. "You should not stand there, son. If the wire snaps, it will hit you," said my father. This genuine concern, which you take for granted in your personal life, is also a characteristic of NINA. It is not a set of procedures; NINA addresses behavior.
Take action if you see a hazardous work situation; warn co-workers if they are at risk, regardless of their rank or position. It is precisely because NINA is rooted in a much more personal approach to safety that it has become an overwhelming success at Boskalis," says Frank Verhoeven. "There is no doubt that NINA has made it substantially safer to work at Boskalis."
Towards a higher level of safety
In his speech, Frank Verhoeven addressed the synergy created between all of the Offshore division's activities. The time has come for these synergies to be achieved in terms of safety. "The motto NINA goes Offshore is a clear statement that from now on we at Boskalis Offshore work in accordance with the same NINA approach. This is not only important for our own safety. NINA also helps us to present our organization to our customers as a reliable and, more importantly, safe partner, as well as to present ourselves to the outside world as a unified front."
Our ambition:
The NINA values and rules to be fully embraced by all our colleagues.

  • The training courses for office employees in Papendrecht and Antwerp started in May.
  • The crew and employees of vessels, projects and branches will follow after the summer.
  • NINA Testimonials Listen to personal messages from Offshore senior management. Why do they endorse and embrace NINA?
  • Communication about NINA Starting today, all Offshore employees will receive 'NINA At Work' by e-mail (addressed either personally or as part of a team).
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