NINA at the dolphins

In the middle of the town of Harderwijk in the Netherlands, Boskalis is working on the construction of a beach and harbor. The site is located adjacent to Dolphinarium, the largest marine-mammal park in Europe, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. How do you guarantee everyone’s safety in a situation like this?

“In close consultation with the municipal authority, we designated a separate lane for works traffic,” explains construction supervisor Nico Blaauw. “Beforehand we closed off part of the parking lot with fencing and signs. The parking authority provided the fencing and we set them up together.”

The key to such effective collaboration is communication. Titled Waterfront, the project made ‘openness’ a priority from the start. For example, a plan of the entire project is on display by the bus stop on site and an open day has been organized. This openness, in combination with all the team members’ feeling of responsibility, ensures cooperation with the project on all fronts. Nico explains, “We always drive very carefully, chat with the residents that come to the fences, keep the road clean, and put the fences up again when they are knocked over by the local kids. This joint care for safety is seen and appreciated. Working here is a pleasure!”

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