From Marc Francooijs, trainee Pool Operations (Mexico and Middle East)
Since September 2015 I am working as a trainee. Already at the introduction day I was confronted with the importance of safety. After explaining what NINA stands for we were asked: “Who has an example of an operation not carried out according to NINA?” I raised my hand and told how I once worked on the roof, replacing a drainpipe of the dormer, while it was raining, not wearing any fall protection.

This is what I now would call, a big “NINA moment”. I have become more aware of risks and hazards, so thoughtless actions like described will not happen again… I have been working in different countries. When you have to deal with divers standards and cultures it can be hard to reach the level of safety where ‘No Injuries and No Accidents’ occur. I have learned that it is important to create awareness and understanding among local workers. An experienced local foreman, speaking English and the local language, can guide the operations on site and extend the arms and eyes of the superintendent, sandfill master, waterboss. By discussing an operation beforehand he can prevent possible problems and unsafe situations. I have experienced that the Boskalis’ “hands on” mentality also applies to NINA. NINA is a hard working lady indeed! What I recommend to other trainees is to always keep your ears and eyes open (much safer) and never to hesitate to ask for help or advise in order to learn from experienced people!”

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