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SHE-Q Engineer Caroline Kannwischer came up with a brilliantly simple idea to connect people: she designed an old-fashioned postcard to celebrate 10 years NINA.

All aboard!

“The NINA train is charging full speed ahead. We’re still a way from the finish, but we’re making solid progress. This is clear to see at my project, Felixstowe Coastal Protection, which often provides the backdrop for intriguing discussions about the Values and the Rules. But… these discussions only take place between Boskalis colleagues and not with subcontractors. After every NINA kickoff and toolbox meeting, I see their reaction: ‘Yet another contractor with a “special” safety program. Hopefully, this won’t last long and we can get back to work…’ These subcontractors work for Boskalis regularly, albeit for relatively short periods of time. They work in a relatively safe manner and generally have no problem complying with the Rules. What I miss, however, is genuine heart: basing how we do our jobs on the Values. How can I make clear to them that NINA is something altogether different? How can I communicate that they will miss the boat if they don’t pay attention?

André van der Wiel wonders how Niels Asjee approaches this. If you would also like to know, read the next edition of NINA At Work. You can also submit an individual response, by e-mail to:

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