My NINA commitment 'I take responsibility for action by action

The management of Anglo Eastern have attended several NINA management training sessions. Fleet Director Anand Sharma shares his experiences.

"When I was working as second engineer we once had to lift the liner of the main engine at a shipyard. During the operation the liner fell from the crane, landing half a meter from where I was standing. Whatever went wrong: I am extremely lucky to be still around. This experience has molded me: I still am very conscious of the risks a lifting operations and always point these out to others. Sharing these kind of personal stories, as we do during NINA training sessions, is new for us. It may take people out of their comfort zone, because they are not used to open up. But I think it is a strong tool in reaching the ultimate goal of the NINA program: the intrinsic motivation to work safely and taking responsibility for it.

I am convinced NINA offers us great opportunities. The program entails only five rules and values, but there is a world of details behind them; details we can all relate to and which bring us all closer, both on board our ships as company wide."

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