My commitment to NINA

Pradeep_Chawla‘I promise that action will be taken on all safety matters that are brought to my notice.’

Pradeep Chawla, Managing Director of QHSE and Training at Anglo Eastern: “When I was working as a cadet, some guys made a bet who would dare to climb the mast wire. One of them did go up, even though some of us protested. At a height of five meters he got tired, fell down and was severely injured."

"This incident has stuck in my mind ever since. I still hold myself responsible for not being louder, for not being able to stop him. I share this story because I feel it is the duty of elder crewmembers to give guidance to younger people, so they will not make the same mistakes. It is about leading by example. A lot of accidents can be prevented if one is aware of the risks. NINA is one of the tools we have to reach this goal over the years."

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