Interest in NINA from Brazilian oil industry

Petrobras, market leader in the Brazilian oil industry, organizes meetings at which subcontractors can share their good practices. Pedro Miranda of Boskalis SHE-Q was asked to give a presentation about NINA.

In Brazil, Boskalis Subsea Services is involved in the underwater ROV inspection of various Petrobras pipelines. “Safety often revolves around rules and procedures”, Pedro explains.
“Petrobras, however, also organizes behavioral audits and acknowledges the necessity to change behavior to create a safer working environment. In my presentation, I explained the NINA Values and Rules and how we strive for openness. In our daily work, the management team of Petrobras is always present on board, so they know how we communicate and work together. They trust that we will comply with their and our safety standard. The trust is the true reward.”

Smit Kamara in Brazil

Smit Kamara

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