Inspiring NINA Experience in Green Bay

A NINA training program can be an eye-opener for customers as well.
Fox River Cleanup is a riverbed cleanup project in the US. Boskalis Dolman developed cleaning systems for this project.

The local operators recently received a NINA Experience (a training course that gives a new stimulus to thinking about safety), including principle contractor Tetra Tech and dredging company Brennan.

“The approach to safety here is rooted in the phenomenon of ‘liability’ if something goes wrong,” says Project Manager Rudy Driessen.
“The result: watertight safety protocols, strict hierarchy, clear-cut tasks. With NINA we focus on taking our own responsibility and initiative: ‘Do you have an idea on how things can be done better? Let us know!’ It took some getting used to for the operators, but this is now starting to bear fruit, both in the atmosphere and in the statistics.”

Tetra Tech and Brennan are enthusiastic about the NINA approach, Rudy says: “After the Experience, Tetra Tech rewrote one of its safety posters. The poster, which once read: ‘If you see something, say something’ (in other words: report it to your supervisor), now reads: ‘If you see something, do something.’ Isn’t that great?!”

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