Improving safety in Qatar a story of change

“Since the NINA training sessions we have more safety related ideas coming from our employees. In fact, before NINA we never received this kind of input.”

This says Frank Grobler, contract coordinator for the Qatar Petroleum Port Maintenance contract. "We work with 98% people from the Philippines, India and Nepal. NINA has been able to break through the cultural barrier and change the mindset of people. I was really impressed with how the NINA trainers interact with them and what they achieve: active participation, true involvement and awareness of their responsibility regarding safety.

Witnessing this, I have changed my own approach too. With an 'open door policy' I want to encourage people to come up to me. I listen and react differently now; if someone has an idea, I always give feedback. I stimulate discussion and show my appreciation for their commitment. This is my way to keep the concept of NINA alive, with tangible results!"

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