From SHOC to improvement

After a SHOC card was shown, a subcontractor modified its barge: a good example of how commitment can lead to lasting improvement.

“With NINA in mind we can help third parties improve their equipment so that it meets our standards,” says Adrian Cronin, Project Manager in Scotland, “if they are willing to change, of course. This definitely was the case with the subcontractor who received a SHOC card. Its barge lacked an integral spud lifting system, so the hiab crane of an adjacent multicat had to be used. The SHOC follow-up recommended installation of a spud lifting system on the barge. This was highlighted in the project end report and taken up with the supplier when we were looking to charter the barge again for the new project.”

“For the subcontractor this modification was a learning process and we were able to walk them through it, acting as troubleshooter. During mobilization there was a near miss: the operator almost overextended the spud leg.
Among other things, this led to a welded visual indicator on the leg. Now, eighteen months after the initial SHOC card we are finally happy to use it. We learned our lesson: the process from SHOC to improvement is not always easy!”

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