Sijb Dros, BKN Coast & Sea Ports planner, working on the Texel dike improvement project
“I am responsible for planning the Texel dike improvement project. This means that I have combined all the permit and contract requirements together with the information from the design into a schedule.

I have included the execution method and the quantity of material to be moved in it. This schedule is the guiding red thread for the contractor. But all kinds of things happen along the way, and it is my job to keep adjusting the schedule accordingly.

That is where my work is relevant to NINA. In the work, you have setbacks. That is part of the process. What matters is how you handle them. I have now been working at Boskalis for 3.5 years, and basically have been raised with the NINA programme. I have noticed that I take the NINA approach into other work than just work safety. For example, I have indicated that, for various reasons, we were not able to complete the work in a certain dike section on time. In time means in the open season. This is because dike work cannot be done in the autumn or winter due to the risks of storms. There are different things you can do about this. I choose the NINA approach: opening yourself up to other insights, entering into dialogue, making issues discussable. As a team, we look for solutions to complete the work in the closed season in a responsible way. And we are completely open in the discussions with the client. It is about trust. And I am certain that the NINA approach contributes to this.”

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