In early 2016 Boskalis took over the German dredging company Strabag Wasserbau. Some of the equipment was engaged in a dredging project in Hull. As people were expected to immediately start working according to the Boskalis’ standard, a NINA training session was organized.

“All employees and supervisors attended”, says Jaap Verdoorn, Operations Manager Europe. “Now the trick is to let people come up with safety issues in daily life themselves." “We are working on that,” says Gabriel Kupka, Project Manager in Hull. “We need to become familiar with the NINA way. Take the SHOC card: for the Boskalis crews, writing one is routine. But for us, it’s is not: What do you do with it? And what happens with me when I write one? It takes time to gain trust. Still, we found the NINA training extremely beneficial. As routine is a problem for safety, it is good to reflect on your own behavior. ''We have formulated five safety goals together''.

Gabriel Kupka’s NINA moment: “For our crew change policy we agreed there has to be three-point contact (two arms, one leg) when climbing the ladder. When we were told that the total time required for the crew changes took too much time, we did not tell our people to rush, but hired a second crew boat.”

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