Finding each other in Australia

Boskalis Offshore Energy arranged the transportation of the immensely large modules for building two LNG compression trains in Western Australia.
All involved were given NINA training.

Arend van der Marel, Lead Operations
“As a manager you need to ensure that people can do their work safely. But you can’t batten down everything with procedures and work instructions. For me, NINA is an important final link between what the project offers in the working environment and what helps the employee to do his job safely. Therefore, it’s important to keep thinking about it yourself, and dare to take up your responsibilities.
As someone on a site visit said to me: NINA is ‘doing the right thing when nobody is watching’. I agree one hundred percent!”

Hans van Loon, Engineer
"We work with huge forces; if something goes wrong, it goes terribly wrong. So you have to dare to sound the alarm in time if you notice a potentially unsafe situation. In the training, we were presented with situations where we had to choose to say ‘stop!’ or decide to wait. Then you find that the group is divided, which gives you some food for thought. You talk about subjects you never discuss otherwise; it’s extremely valuable!”

Jan Dijkstra, Operational Coordinator
“I know I have to encourage and accept feedback, but that’s difficult when the pressure’s on. A NINA training course gets you thinking about yourself. I’ve had four, and each training course was informative because the group was different, and shared different experiences. NINA is 90% communication: being able to find each other, fine tuning issues. I can’t think of everything from behind my desk, so if I can call the superintendent on site to ask how many people he needs, that helps me to do my job. As a result, the work is safer and done better.”

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