Eye opener with blindfold

NINA Experience with SAAone road construction project, Amsterdam.

On the www.saaone.com website, you immediately encounter the following safety instruction: “A project pass is mandatory in order to enter the worksite.” You get that pass when you go through the online safety instruction. They are all familiar with NINA. Because NINA is the key figure in the safety policy for this road construction project involving Boskalis, Volker Wessels and Hochtief.

The managers recently participated in a NINA Experience session. Project Director Adelbert de Vreese: “We had some incidents here and wanted to understand how they could occur.” That understanding came from a blindfold, he says. “We were given a simulation assignment in which part of the group had to perform tasks while blindfolded. Therefore, you had to listen carefully and follow the instructions. We did that obediently. Including myself. And not once did I ask myself why I had to do it that way and whether that approach was indeed safe. At the end, we contemplated on the fact that it is also often that way in work situations: employees follow instructions and blindly assume that the risks and the safety have been considered. But actually, we do want employees to ask these types of questions. For this purpose, we are going to organize special NINA sessions. The intent of the NINA Experience was very powerful: we were really shaken awake!”

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