Experience in Holland

"It's worthwhile to take a moment to think about what you have achieved, as well as your goals and sticking points; then you can see more clearly how you can move ahead," says Dick Fierens, operations manager Markus.

"After the rollout of NINA all kinds of issues were tackled and re-addressed," says Dick. "But that effect didn't last long. How do you progress after that?" In order to answer this question, project managers and management attended an Experience training course in the summer of 2013.

With a NINA facilitator, they identified sticking points regarding communication and collaboration. Dick: "If someone suggests an idea in a safety meeting and never hears anything about it again, it is demotivating. Simply giving feedback as to why nothing is being done about it goes a long way towards creating understanding. We identified six action points, including setting a good example, recognizing good behavior and making partners enthusiastic. Working in this way keeps NINA fun, encourages your employees to act and prevents organizational blindness. The Experience definitely gave us a new boost."

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