Evaluation pays off

Marc Preilipper, works manager APM Terminal project, Mexico
“Last year, the startup of the first project for the CSD Cyrus II in Lázaro Cárdenas (Mexico), was challenging. In just five weeks we had to mobilize all pipe lines and pontoons to site, carry out repairs and join them to floating pipe line sections."

As there was not yet a proper workshop, the works were carried out in a small area, left behind by another company. As a result, various welding and lifting activities were executed at random places, sometimes close to each other.

Due to the work load, even the experienced welder foremen had a hard time guiding and supervising all areas. Unfortunately quite some (small) injuries were reported, caused by heavy traffic, a crowded working area and local subcontractors being used to lower safety standards.

After reaching the deadline we could catch our breath again and evaluate the start up. It was only then we realized something had to be changed, because all small incidents together (mainly cuts and bruises) could be an indication a more serious incident was about to happen.

Consequently we made several changes in the workshop: we created more space by removing non-required items from the area and segregated the various activities. We spent more time on training and housekeeping and became more strict towards local suppliers in terms of expected behavior and use of PPE. All this enabled the welder foremen to have a better overview of the activities and take action were necessary, which has resulted in a huge drop of reported injuries.

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