DO-IT training at Union Boxer

At the end of last year, the crew of the anchor handling tug Union Boxer participated in the NINA Do It training course. Captain Johan Ritman feels positive about the practical training, which demonstrated what NINA is all about.

"Better communication will certainly improve safety awareness." But he also realizes that there is still a long way to go.

"A few days after the training course I purposely went on deck in flip-flops to see if anyone would hold me to account (NINA Value 2 - I draw others' attention to safe working practices). Well, no one did. A Filipino will not correct someone who is higher in rank." The cultural difference is a hindrance, plus the fact that there are always different people in the crew. "That means that you never know how familiar everyone is with NINA, which makes it difficult to use it as a basis.

In short: The Do It training was a good introduction to NINA, but a lot of follow-up and support is still needed. For my part, I will continue to draw attention to NINA on board, in safety meetings and toolbox meetings, for example, so that we can consciously work together towards that open culture. ”

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