From Master Andre van Rooijen
You can’t miss it on board the DSV Constructor: there are NINA posters everywhere. “We really live with NINA”, says Master Andre van Rooijen. “In July we organized a NINA training session for the newcomers here, who were air divers. We do this every time we start working on a large project. NINA has become a way of thinking on board.

You see it in the working atmosphere: how people pay attention to each other, give each other feedback, the way they are involved and give their ideas when things go wrong (or almost go wrong), the number of SHOC cards that are issued.”

“This was not always the case. When NINA was introduced, there was some kicking and screaming. People were afraid SHOC cards would be used against them. A lot of talking was necessary to take away these kinds of prejudices. My way of stimulating the NINA way of thinking is to talk about it a lot, in every briefing and meeting. What has also been helpful is the fact that thanks to NINA several things on board have been improved. The gangway, for instance, had a dangerous stairway. Twice someone fell off it. The gangway has been replaced by a state-of-the-art structure. We already worked safely, but since NINA, it has become a lot safer still.”

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