Niels Gerlofs (25), offshore energy operations
“Because everyone within the organisation knows the NINA values, it’s easy to talk about it. But how do you start such a conversation? And how can you make sure that your feedback is received positively? This was not part of the training and I find it quite difficult. I try to be tactical and ask open questions. If I’m not sure if something is dangerous I ask my supervisor. For example, during a docking we had to hoist down a screw.”

“During the operation I checked the meters and saw that the maximum load-bearing capacity was reached. When I pointed this out to the superintendent, he asked: “What would you do?” “Check what the safe workload is earlier”, I replied. Obviously, it was too late for that now, but the next time I would certainly check that in advance. Eventually, we considered the options and decided to divide the load more equally over the pulley tackles by gradually letting these go down and closely monitor the meters.”

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