Be aware of safety

Frank Berrens Senior Project Manager,
and Lieke van Hoven SHE-Q, Dolwin III project.

Frank: “Everything you give attention to grows. With that in mind, we’ve introduced NINA all to stakeholders: client TenneT, EPIC contractors GE (previously Alstom) and Nordic Yards. We organized various NINA kickoff sessions with them, and this has been widely appreciated."

"The parties involved embrace our approach because they know that safety is at the core of people’s behavior: being alert to safety.” With the Dolwin III project, an HVDC (high voltage direct current) station was installed in the German Bight. The station is a hub for distribution of electricity. Boskalis Offshore Marine Contracting (Dockwise) towed this 20,000 ton building to its destination using a float-over method, on jackets. Ahead of this, Boskalis Offshore Subsea Consulting ensured there was a prepared seabed.

Lieke: “NINA gives us the basis from which to work together. We let our customers and partners see what we stand for. The fact that NINA is supported by top management generates trust. In HAZID (hazard identification) meetings, we jointly describe the most important risks in our work. We’ll discuss those risks in the NINA start-up meeting scheduled for February. We also formulate objectives based on NINA values. That’s how we ensure awareness, understanding and commitment.”

The operational phase of Dolwin III starts in March and will be completed in the summer.

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