The SHOC card is an important tool for addressing dangerous situations. It is designed to encourage all parties to take responsibility for their actions.
How can we encourage the correct use of SHOC cards?

Stuart Huth, SHE-Q officer in the UK: “On a number of projects the SHOC system is identified as a NINA goal. It gives a sense of ‘we are all in this together and we can make a difference’. To make it work, people should receive suitable guidance to ensure there is a benefit to the information they provide. And it is important to give feedback to the issuer of the SHOC card and thank him for it.

Not all SHOCs can easily be solved at project level. Therefore the SHOC Forum was originated, consisting of senior members of Boskalis Westminster, who can influence policy. We look at trends and share lessons learnt in our NINA at Work bulletins. Over the years the number of SHOC cards has increased. We see more SHOCs on behavior - lately, a significant number on the behavior of subcontractors’ employees. And the number of positive SHOCs has also increased, including from our clients.”

Nice to know: for every completed SHOC card, the UK organization donates £10 (€12.50) to the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

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