Safety Statements

Select a letter for a list of Safety Statements / Quotes (classified by surname).

Saenen Bas: Do a good job and go home safely, make sure that others do also.

Sunde Jan: I'll do my best to implement and follow the rules to make NINA a success.

Elzenga Jens: I will participate actively in improving and ensuring safe working conditions. 'Nu ingrijpen, Niet afwachten!'.

Bryczkowski Andrej: Szanuj swoje zdronie-pracuj bezpieczne.

Berghuis Jos: Anderen aanspreken op hun gedrag en mijzelf openstellen voor hun feedback met betrekking tot het mijne....

B.M. Lakerveld: To improve feedback on safety for me and the crew I am working with.

van Dam Harry: Safety is important for every individual but needs full team commitment. I will work with the members in my team(s) to guarantee each others safety by keeping ourselves aware of all risks. Safety is teamwork.

Nikki Heikki: Kurssin käyneenä voin hyvillä tiedoilla ja ohjeita saaneena sitoutua NINAn suurlähettilääksi.

de Waal Malefijt Danny: We want to move NINA to a better place.

Ertrijckx Guy: Outcomes from audits, communicate better to the involved persons what they can do. Lessons learned for the other vessels.

Joost Coppoolse: To maintain a high safety standard in the engineering phase, and to obtain more feedback from the operational phase.

Watzel Matthias: Jeden Tag die Augen offen halten! Von Rückschlägen nicht entmutigen lassen.

Jacobs Raymond: To make a common statement about safety awareness for everybody I meet, work with and live with.

Jasper Janssen: Identify in an early stage of a project how we want to work safely.

S. Visser: Live by the rules, follow the yellow line.

de Decker Stephanie: Safety is a feeling. My commitment to NINA is to create a good feeling for everybody.

Wennekes Mark: Since the introduction of NINA, the mindset and responsibility towards safety is increased and tangible for every employee at all levels of the organization. It's a positive additive to the current safety.

Geijtenbeek Olivier: T make sure everybody goes home in the same state as they come to work.

Bart : Working on improving the 'mindset' to create safe working environments!

Pedro Miranda: Comply with the rules and incorporate all the values, improving my confidence to work accordingly.