Safety Statements

Select a letter for a list of Safety Statements / Quotes (classified by surname).

Groenendijk Simon: Introduce NINA to those who haven't met her.

van Dijk Rob: The new way of working. Creating a safe environment/ work floor by the interaction of all crew; see and learn how we can help and or improve ourselves to prevent injuries and accidents.

van Marion Arco: NINA is a new colleague that is smiling at me. My ambition is to support colleagues in the positive and constructive discussion that will arrive.

Toft Svein: I will do my share to help my collegues and I be a part of the "NINA movement".

Osté Rene: Making NINA part of my daily routine.

Saarelma Marko : Otan NINAn arvot jokapäiväiseen käyttäytymiseeni mukaan ja tulen vaatimaan myös sitä muilta.

Janszen Peter: Nina pays off.

Hofman Willy: We all have to join to make it a success.

Cronin Adrian: Keep up my commitment to encourage open discussion and feedback with the whole team and act on it.

Minnaard Cees: Gaf mij toch ander inzicht in Safety.

Pedro Miranda: Comply with the rules and incorporate all the values, improving my confidence to work accordingly.

Holzmann Hinrich: Ich finde NINA OK, werde versuchen danach zu handeln und auch meine Mitarbeiter davon zu überzeugen.

Ravelli Frederik: Altijd laten weten op het moment dat ik zaken onveilig vind als deze zich voordoen.

L. T.: Wir alle machen NINA lebendig!

Lubbinge Gerard: I'm committed to embrace and promote NINA actively.

Visser Timon: Tool/reminder to work safely, for yourself and others.

Pieter de Jonge: Be aware of the values and to follow the rules so everyone can get home safe.

Siimos Jarmo: Afraid not too much time now. End of Hamina takes all time.

Richard Wouda: Om sneller mensen op een positieve manier aan te spreken op niet veilig werken. Het stukjes feedback geven.

Vaessen Robin: NINA AND Awareness are the key to success: I do my best to make people aware of the risks!