Safety Statements

Select a letter for a list of Safety Statements / Quotes (classified by surname).

Stephanie Segaar: Take responsibility for my acts and guide others by example.

Broeckx Katrien: I apporach others about working safely. Therefor I will stop an action to ensure that things can proceed without risks.

Kuizenga Marcel: Reinforcing safety in a positive and constructive manner.

Scarpato Domenico: Because you count!

van den Bosch Alwin: Awareness amongst all personnel at all levels. Safety is imposed by the personnel themselves and not enforced by the company. Safety has to become a way of life.

Schuuring Bert: I work safe as an example to my colleagues.

Puddo Pietro: Increase the safety for myself and my collegues and reduce damage to the equipment.

Akerlund Lars: Make my workplace safe and lead by example.

Hoogstad Johan: Take the values and rules of NINA at heart.

W. Haenen: I fully support safety. Safety is a must.

Bosma Arnoud: I take care for my own safety.

van der Synt Wout : Incidenten en bijna incidenten rapporteren en awareness bevorderen bij mezelf en anderen.

Harnisch Rendolf R.: To place the safety of the crew, vessel, environment and myself on the first place in the best way I can.

Monster Hugo: To say no when required, unregardless rank or position.

van Caam Jan: To give as much possible positive feedback and approaches others when working unsafe.

Dee Keith: I will actively promote and develop the NINA values within the company and through my work with our clients.

Guido Hoogers: Encourage others to increase their awareness towards NINA

van Uitert Dirk: Be a leader in safety matters. Never compromise on safety. Create safe and sound working conditions always. Never stop learning, correct and be corrected.

Heyer Hardy : Kommunikation. Lehrreiche Ansätze im Umgang mit dem Personal sowie den Vorgesetzten. Neue Ansätze zur Firmenstruktur, Sicherheit und Zukunft.

Springmann Wilfried: NINA ist der richtige Weg hohe Standards für die Sicherheit der Menschen und der Maschinen zu erreichen.