Safety Statements

Select a letter for a list of Safety Statements / Quotes (classified by surname).

Sanne Verbaendert: Keep communicating, question what seems wrong

Kunhiraman Sageed: Safety is my lifestyle.

Monster Hugo: To say no when required, unregardless rank or position.

Bang A Foe L.: It's part of my life.

Rijbkin D. : Let's do it together!

P. Kolloffel: Iedereen gezond weer naar huis.

Ambachtsheer Edgar: Ik ben verantwoordelijk voor mijn eigen veiligheid en die van mijn collega. Ik kan NINA positief beinvloeden door feedback te geven zowel positief als negatief en door open vragen te stellen om zo discussies te openen.

van Itallie Hans: To be more involved in the safety aspects of our sites by doing discussions with our project staff.

Kommer John: Ik neem/maak meer tijd voor NINA.

van Marle Sijmen: OPEN COMMUNICATIE.

Smits Coen : Review and discuss all aspects of the tasks at hand together with all involved to ensure safe and smooth execution.

Vanwalleghem Bjorn: NINA is a way of life, like basic respect and common sence.

van der Plas Dick: Accept the values of NINA. To try to be more serious in reporting near-missers.

Corvaro Vito: Let's finish this project the same way we started…. Together and in one piece.

Guy Ertrijckx: Outcomes from audits, communicate better to the involved persons what they can do. Lessons learned for the other vessels.

Overgaauw Simon: Address safety matters more frequently and in a more positive manner with feedback from all project personnel.

Oladapo Omiwade: I am determined to observe all NINA Values and Rules. Also to propagate the gospel according to NINA.

Huotari Jarmo: To take NINA to my daily work so well as I can. To think safely and specially to take this feedback about safety and behaviour to be "daily tools".

van Rookhuizen Johan: Het veiligheidsbewustzijn op een positieve manier bespreekbaar maken en dat ook uit te dragen

R. de Jonge: Stay safe.