Safety Statements

Select a letter for a list of Safety Statements / Quotes (classified by surname).

Alblas Jan: Make NINA an integral part of my day to day business.

Hein van Fent: Maximaal uitdragen, samen, bewustwording.

Resoort Erna: Voor en door iedereen!

van Leeckwyck Walter : Zou ik zelf wel willen uitvoeren wat ik anderen opdraag?

van de Zande Daan: I'm responsible for my own safety and for the advises I give. It's important these advises will improve the safety of my colleagues.

van Fent Hein: Maximaal uitdragen, samen, bewustwording.

Suijkerbuijk Erik: It's a good thing safety is put back in a highlight.

Barratt Lyn: To think, act and do safety in a positive way to effect change in myself and my peers to keep NINA utmost in our daily activities.

Merkelbag Mike: Leading by example and practise what I preach. Make safe behavior a way of life.

Hermeling Vincent: Stay in touch with the NINA values and rules, act towards it, incorporate it on a daily basis.

Rijbkin D. : Let's do it together!

van der Meer Eric: Never ending story. Keep monitoring safety of others and myself.

Noortman A.: Bring out the NINA values on board.

Broeckx Katrien: I apporach others about working safely. Therefor I will stop an action to ensure that things can proceed without risks.

Houtman P. : Awareness in ALL situations.

de Veth Tako: Start as from today involving myself and everybody

Oldenbeuving Maurice: Relaying the program to our customers in order to reach a higher jointly safety awareness.

Geluk Bram: Be more aware of safety and learn every day.

Hillenaar R.S.: As being a subsea advisor I always advise personnel to think first before acting. I also advise not to be afraid to give an "all stop" when he or she notices that things tend to go wrong.

Meeuwissen Maarten: Actie--> beweging!