Safety Statements

Select a letter for a list of Safety Statements / Quotes (classified by surname).

Kloft Frank: Der beste Weg zu NINA – geht über einen selbst!

Karijodirono H.: To be an example for others.

van den Brink Gerrit: Gezonde mensen maken een gezond project.

Been Hans: Implementation and support for a safer work environment.

Noortman A.: Bring out the NINA values on board.

Barend Mes: To convince my coworkers in 'thinking before doing' so they can go home safe. To work on an open organisation where people can talk about safety issues.

Roy Weening: To think about safety in all stages of a project and act where action is needed according my vision.

Duijnhouwer Frank: To be open to feedback and suggestions regarding safety.

Antony Grande: The values are leading, rules are supportive.

Henk van Veldhuysen: Dat ik en al mijn collega's nog alle komende jaren zonder ongelukken mogen blijven.

Spruijt Piet: We do what we can do.

Timofeev Vasily: Good support for safety statement.

Philippa Peter: To implement and improve safety levels for equipment already in engineering stage.

van Gend Ronald: Speak more about safety and create an open communication. Make it a topic on the regular team meetings.

Hoogstad Johan: Take the values and rules of NINA at heart.

Minnaard Cees: Gaf mij toch ander inzicht in Safety.

Wiersma Andries: Veiligheid en veilig werken meenemen in de beginfase van de projecten zodat hierover wordt nagedacht.

van Poortvliet Cors: Work safe. Be aware. Walk the talk.

de Bruin Sjaak : Ik wil proberen elke dag veilig en gezond te blijven.

Schmetz Willem : Blijven communiceren om verder te komen, niet verslappen maar scherp blijven.