Safety Statements

Select a letter for a list of Safety Statements / Quotes (classified by surname).

Martochhardjo Serge: We should make NINA our way of life.

Henk van Veldhuysen: Dat ik en al mijn collega's nog alle komende jaren zonder ongelukken mogen blijven.

Weening Roy: To think about safety in all stages of a project and act where action is needed according my vision.

Filler Jason: To make sure myself, my co-workers work safely and everyone goes home at days end.

V. Riel: "Lead by example; pro-active denken over veiligheid i.p.v. procedures."

Rijbkin D. : Let's do it together!

Wortelboer Joris: Prepare, be aware, work safe and approach others to do the same.

de Veth Tako: Start as from today involving myself and everybody

Cuebro Diaz Juan Carlos: Adopted to my way of living and share with the people around me.

Schumacher Ira: Die Grundidee von NINA ist in Ordnung! Was ich dazu beitragen kann, um NINA (weiter) in der Firma erfolgreich weiter zu entwickeln werde ich tun!

Huth Stuart: NINA should be a way of work simple, and easily understood by all. A commitment to work safely together to achieve no injuries no accidents!

H. Visser: Safety is one of the important things on board. Keep it in mind and return safe to home.

Meijer Hans: Try to achieve that everybody goes safe and in a good condition back on leave.

van Os Matthijs: Open your eyes for the other way of working.

Labee Henk: NINA, safe and sound for me and you.

Lakerveld B.M.: To improve feedback on safety for me and the crew I am working with.

Jensen Henrik Bo: Let's talkā€¦. About safety!

Aarbakke Erling: Safety first, think before you act.

Bokkers Ton: We need open communication to achieve our safety goals.

Boer Marc: Always safety first for me and my colleagues as if I would protect my children!