Safety Statements

Select a letter for a list of Safety Statements / Quotes (classified by surname).

Djemani S.: Perform and help others and myself to work safe.

Bijsterbosch Bas: To show the project that NINA is a 'safe' & effective tool to communicate & achieve goals.

Roest Gerard: To obtain maximum efficiency, maximum safety involvement is required and a must.

R. de Jonge: Stay safe.

de Boer Linde: NINA gaan toepassen in de praktijk en collega's en contractors enthousiast maken.

Martine Uijterlinde: Uitspreken gesignaleerde 'risico's'.

Veraart Chrissie : I will be open and active to safety improvements.

Janssen Jasper: Identify in an early stage of a project how we want to work safely.

Stam Jan: Think ahead before act.

Wilko Kouwenhoven: Safe @ work, safe @ home.

Cuebro Diaz Juan Carlos: Adopted to my way of living and share with the people around me.

Stoelers Jeroen: Equal application across the globe

Verschoor Carla: Denk niet alleen aan de veiligheid va jezelf, maar ook zeker aan de veiligheid van een ander.

Wheeler Mandy: Be open to give and receive feedback at all levels. Help to create a NINA culture within the company and towards clients.

Wojnarowska-Bryzik Anna: Talk more with people to make our work more safe.

Jan Koop: Try to see and report unwanted situations.

J. Pereyra Pedro: In this company in all moments and situations.

Dirk Mallegrom: Bewust veilig werken voor mezelf en voor anderen!

Kim Logisse: De drempel voor mezelf verlagen om anderen aan te spreken in verband met veilig werken.

Martin Neil : I will engage with my colleagues in order to realize our NINA values. I will make it my personal goal to embrace these values, and integrate them into my own work routine.