South Korea: monthly safety award Songdo

On project Songdo, South Korea, Boskalis is working with several Korean employees in the site office as well as Korean subcontractors on water and on land. Bearing in mind the existing challenges with regards to communication and culture differences, lots of efforts are being deployed in spreading, training, coaching and maintaining our NINA standards on the project for all nationalities.

For example, our NINA poster has been translated in Korean.

In order to achieve our goal to improve safety awareness of the people on the project, we held a NINA Start Up meeting with specific targets, conducted NINA Do-It’s sessions with SHEQ manager and external expert and are conducting different daily and weekly TBM’s.

In Korea, the rules part of our NINA program is well implemented, our focus is therefore set on the values part. Culture wise this also proved to be quite a challenge. Therefore, we motivate our Korean colleagues by means of a NINA incentive rewards & recognition program by giving a monthly safety award.

Reward are given upon recognition of the following qualities and/or behaviours of an individual:

  • Innovation and improvement
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • High standards
  • Continued excellence