NINA at Work - March 2014

NINA Blog: We are a learning organization

“What do you do when a test facility is invaded by a group of photographers looking for the best photo of the pipeline being tested at 32 bar? Or when a manufacturer carries out such a test using uncertified hoisting equipment? These are matters which I and our Quality Inspector have to deal with when I visit suppliers.

From SHOC to improvement

After a SHOC card was shown, a subcontractor modified its barge: a good example of how commitment can lead to lasting improvement.

NINA meets Russia

In St. Petersburg Boskalis is involved in the construction of a new harbor. It is a project that requires considerable patience and creativity.

NINA Blog: NINA empowers people

“I learned about NINA last summer. I was excited to know more about it after hearing the very positive feedback from one of our client’s representatives (Maersk Oil Qatar). He was impressed with the program which he saw at an IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) event.

NINA meets Boskalis Offshore Subsea Services Inshore

In the field of work of Inshore Diving, petrochemicals and energy, safety is the primary concern each and every day. What can NINA add in this regard?

NINA on board

The power of the NINA workshops held on board all vessels lies in the fact that you get to know NINA in your own environment. SMIT International Scotland Ltd. (SISL) experienced it first-hand.